IQ Test : Fact Or Fiction

Background Since the 1900s, the IQ test has been the standard to measure intelligence. IQ which means Intelligence  Quotient is a system of measuring a person’s intelligence by a series of test and arriving at a total score or average score. As early as  1882, scientists like Francis Galton believed that intelligence was hereditary but […]

What to Know About Intellectual Disabilities

Defining an Intellectual Disability An intellectual disability (formerly referred to as mental retardation) is a disorder characterized by lower intelligence measures and maladaptive functioning which begin prior to the age of 18. Maladaptive functioning is considered to be impairments in regards to everyday living. Skills that may be impaired with an intellectual disability include: Communication […]

A Brief Guide to the 5th EditionStanford-Binet Intelligence Scales

Characteristics The Stanford-Binet intelligence test was a revolutionary addition to the psychological realm. The Stanford-Binet was the first intelligence measure to include clear standardized instructions for administration and scoring, the first to utilize an intelligence quotient (IQ), and the first intelligence test to introduce alternate items (tasks that would be asked only under certain circumstances). […]

Three Things to Understand About Intelligence Testing

Intelligence testing is a unique psychological field often misinterpreted by the public. To truly understand intelligence testing, it is important to have at least a brief understanding of the following three concepts. Construct Validity When someone refers to the construct validity of a psychological test, they are referring to the degree in which the test […]

How These Three Psychologists Contributed to the Field of Intelligence Testing

Most individuals (regardless of psychological expertise) seem to agree on the general characteristics that define intelligence. Despite this agreement, researchers and psychologists are still faced with the task of designing a test that can adequately measure these characteristics. Francis Galton Charles Darwin had a cousin named Sir Francis Galton. Galton was a 19th century scholar […]

What is Intelligence?

Despite the fact that many people believe they can recognize it when it is exhibited, psychologists have always had differing definitions when it comes to intelligence. What is Intelligence to the General Population? A 1980s study aimed to determine how people define intelligence and non-intelligence. To do this, participants were asked to list characteristics of […]

What to Know About Psychological Giftedness


Psychological giftedness is a concept that is misunderstood by a vast number of the general public.  This article aims to shed some light on the misrepresented world of psychological giftedness. Source of Giftedness While the source of psychological giftedness is not completely clear, it is thought to be caused by an interaction of genetic and […]

Do Gender, Personality and Race Affect Intelligence Scores?

Intelligence is a complex concept, consisting of many various characteristics and observable behaviors.  As a result of studying the sources of intelligence, researchers have concluded that a mosaic of genetic and environmental factors is at play. Due to this revelation, many researchersfocused their attention towards determining how genetic factors such as gender, personality and race […]